• I don’t want to wait for that.We simply are not ready for actual GMO..

    Basically, what we do is melding cells or melding a vector during this time. Crossbreeding or transfection methods have been used a few times, but we need a worst case scenario to happen to wake us up. Basically, we cradle ineffective viruses to become deadly again.

    They use DNA from other plants or from animals usually. Novel methods can help circumvent this risk of recombination by the use of artificial retroviruses… We have GMO crops like corn, golden rice, cassava and sativa.To use your own quote « The past teaches, the present watches and the future learns. » We are now learning from our work with GMO crops, and thus can, nowadays, make better decisions about how to handle them. But this were latent viruses manually introduced to the organism, and made inactive.

    In addition, the insertion of DNA (retroviral and non-retroviral) may hypothetically lead to the activation of adjacent latent viruses, although it has been argued that animal cells are capable of suppressing the activity of endogenous viral sequences (Heidmann, 1999)’ The link is expressly talking about the insertion of viral DNA/RNA, while GMO’s, especially plant based ones, are not. (suite…)

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